NEW EDITION Livly Island

Just you and your pets on a little island

Care for mysterious creatures born from alchemy on your tiny island!

What's Livly Island? Promotional Video

What is Livly Island?

Livly Island was an Internet browser-based game created in 2003 where you looked after pets called livlies, born from the ancient art of alchemy. The cute, cuddly, and slightly mischievous character and item designs immediately proved popular with people everywhere. By 2009, the game received tremendous support, especially from its female fans, with more than 1 million registered players!

COCONE Corporation acquired the rights to Livly Island on October 12, 2020... and now the game has been reborn for smartphones as of July 15, 2021! In the new Livly Island, take on the role of a "homunculus" owner and take care of your livlies. Mix and match outfits and grow trees on your island! Use fruit to create potions for your pets and transform them into different species of livlies! The possibilities are practically endless for you and your livlies here on this tiny little island!


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NEW EDITION Livly Island

Livly Island
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Free(Offers in-app purchases)
Supporting languages
English, Japanese,
Chinese (Traditional)
System requirements
iOS 11.0 and up
Operates on iPhone,
iPads and iPod touch
Android 6.0 and up
* May not be compatible with some devices